Flush /
Don't Flush?

Wastewater & toilet paper are the only materials that should be flushed. Sanitary products, paper towels and other items will harm your system.

Septic systems are not designed to dispose of food waste, coffee grounds or grease. These food items will damage the septic tank flow and cause more frequent pumping and repairs.

You may have an
issue if...

You smell foul odors, have pooling water in your yard, slower draining and flushing or sewage backup.

If you find any of the above issues, give us a call. Our technicians will educate our customers on every aspect of the system, tank and treatment process and get your system running smoothly.

How to maximize a septic's lifespan

Keeping your septic system in top condition requires minimal maintenance. A key part of any property’s plumbing system is the septic tank. Liquid and solid waste travels through underground pipes. The septic system separates the sewage, leading the liquid waste to a drain field and the solid waste to the septic tank. Septic tanks can store high quantities of waste, but they can only hold so much before they need to be pumped.


Most residential septic tanks reach their capacity and require routine pump-outs between 2-3 years.