Septic Pumping

L&L Pumping Services will provide affordable and same day septic pumping service. We pump and dispose of your wastewater in accordance with all state and federal regulations.

Our technicians will educate our customers on every aspect of the system, tank and treatment process and will recommend proper repairs for you should deficiencies be noticed.

We will ensure that your system works efficiently in-between pumpings. 

To maximize the lifespan of your system, we recommend that you have it pumped every two-three years.

Septic Pumping

Commercial septic tank systems will endure a heavy load of sludge buildup. This is mainly due to a higher volume of users that a residential setting does not receive. We understand your needs to protect your business and keep your system running and working correctly and without delay.  Our experienced technicians will provide prompt and high quality service.

L&L Pumping Services will devise a schedule structured to meet your needs to prevent your system from back up and failure.

Grease Removal
Traps & Food Grease

A grease trap or interceptor is designed to capture greasy water prior to it entering a septic or sewer system. These units can be installed in residential and commercial settings and should be maintained in the same way as a septic tank. Grease buildup in a sewer line or septic tank will eventually lead to a blockage, with catastrophic and costly results for your business or residence.

We can remove used food oil from restaurants, commercial kitchens, and more. This ensures compliance with governmental regulations as well as helping the environment. 

We will help create a maintenance schedule that will suit your needs and keep your business running.